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Our blog is a place for us to keep our customers informed and share news about our company and the industry. We like to be involved in the community and participate in industry events and activities, while always staying on the hunt for new products that help provide our customers the latest mix on their shelves. For more information about what our company is up to, check out the posts below.

Phillips Adds Essence Pet Food

Phillips Pet Food & Supplies, a leading pet product distributor serving the independent pet channel, recently added the new Essence pet food to its Taunton, Massachusetts, and Sacramento, California, distribution centers. Essence is super-premium, high-protein...

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Food Variety for Finicky Felines

Cat food has evolved beyond bags of kibble and cans of wet to include fresh, frozen, freeze-dried, gravies, stews, broths, lickable treats and flake toppers. This evolution of variety is the result of pet parents’ focus on health and wellness and their willingness to...

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Human-Grade Pet Food

What exactly is human-grade pet food? Labeling pet food as human grade means that ALL its ingredients are human edible. Pet foods currently using the human-grade identifier are typically super-premium products, less processed and have less risk of contamination. The...

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Trending: Freeze-Dried Pet Food

Freeze-dried pet food is a fast-growing segment in the industry’s mass premiumization shift to solution-based, minimally processed diets. Pet parents increasingly are purchasing higher-priced limited-ingredient dog and cat foods, including freeze-dried food, toppers,...

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Freshwater Aquarium Cleaning

Cleaning a freshwater aquarium is important for the health of the fish and keeping the aquarium looking attractive. Learn the steps involved in properly cleaning a freshwater tank and the tools needed, which include algae scrapers, vacuum, thermometers, net, and gloves.

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